Self-Directed ChangeWork Method®

Managing Change with Clarity and Confidence.


The Self-Direct ChangeWork method (SDCW) is a coaching method that focuses on thinking, personal, and interpersonal skills that places emphasis on the person in their every day experience and draws from several time-tested coaching models, up-to-date practical neuroscience, emotional intelligence work, choice theory, and the NLP communications model. The SDCW method leads to better experiences in life – less stress, more enjoyment, a more stable sense of value and well-being.   It’s a methodology for taking control of your life and developing tools and skills to make things easier and more fun and teaches you how to be okay no matter what’s happening in your life.


​Using a variety of coaching models, we explore how to manage change, develop as a person, and grow more comfortable with life's many joys and challenges. We learn about clearing backlogs from the past, growing in self-awareness. We learn about others & communication, and emotional balance. We're building resilience, and learning to manage opportunities.



It's founded on bedrock principles I learned through my personal experience of:

​- having had enough of my perseverating troubles;

- being determined to figure out how my life can be different; and

- everyday being consistently willing and ready to learn how to do better and experience a life of peace and contentment.

If this sounds like you, you’re the perfect candidate for this approach.



It's different. It's a community and training, not therapy, so folks can learn what's possible, make better choices, and be the leader in their own life.

Almost anyone who wants to get better results more often can learn how to think and act more efficiently. This is accessible to anyone and everyone. The focus is on how things can be better, and is based in real world, practical solutions – no gimmicks or magical thinking. What’s happened can’t be changed, but what happens from here is what’s most important. When working with clients we explore more than just why and what and what someone gets when they use the self-directed change methods -- we show them how to do it -- for themselves, everyday. It's easier and more fun!


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