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About ChangeWorks Institute

ChangeWorks Institute delivers proven success-generating strategies that professionals, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, creative and everyday people around the world use to reach their personal achievement dreams - and thrive beyond adversity. 

The one question I ask everyone is: “If everything were easier and more fun would that be okay?"

After 15 years of focused effort and 10 years of R&D in the Coaching Lab at ChangeWorks Institute in Portland, Oregon - the Self-Directed ChangeWork® Method (SDCM) and related trainings are  ready for prime-time - - and oh what a journey it's been! 

Building on time-tested coaching models, SDCM helps you discover the structure of your experience, master the mechanics of change, transform your habits, and take your personal skills to a whole  new level. 

So fasten your seat-belt Dorthy, cuz Kansas is going bye-bye! 


Look forward to working with you, 

Jim Kelley

Director ChangeWorks Institute, Certified Coach


PS - Check out my 2017 interview with Chicken Soup for the Soul author & master coach  Jack Canfield at his California studio - it's informative and fun! 


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