Jim Kelley is the Creative Director and Founder of ChangeWorks Institute and the Founder of Speaking Confidence Master Classes, in addition to being the lead explorer at the Portland, Oregon-based ChangeWorks Coaching Lab -- a coaching and research office focused on helping people get into and manage the flow of change in their lives. Jim has spent the last 25 years learning and developing the Self-Directed Change Method®.

ChangeWorks Institute delivers proven success-generating strategies that CEO’s, world-class athletes, celebrities, and everyday people around the world use to reach incredible heights of personal achievement. He shares his deep knowledge with his clients, who then use these tools to dramatically improve results in all areas of their lives. Since 2009 Jim has been coaching clients from his offices in Portland, Oregon USA, and via Internet conferencing for those who reside in various locales throughout the world.

The one question Jim asks everyone is: “If everything were easier and more fun would that be okay?"


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